Early Learning Centre

The Edmonton Talmud Torah Early Learning Centre is a non-profit, daycare and preschool for children between the ages of 19 months and 4 years old.  The program provides full-time and part-time child care options throughout the year, from September through August.

The preschool subscribes to a play-based philosophy in which children learn best when the program is flexible, stimulating and fun—an environment that meets the needs of children both individually and as within a group. Each facet of the program curriculum addresses intellectual and cognitive development as well as the emotional, social, and physical needs of the children.

Every week will see a variation of activities, but as a whole the Preschool provides the right balance between group time (i.e. “circle time”); free play; pretend play; directed and non directed art; activities (i.e.: table top toys, block center, water table and sand table).

Our unique programming also includes the philosophy of “Judaism being an integrated part of everyday life.” This is accomplished by placing an emphasis on a positive and joyful Jewish identity. In addition to the core components of early childhood development, the program curriculum incorporates experiences involving the use of the Hebrew language, celebration of Shabbat and other Jewish holidays, celebration of Jewish customs and traditions, learning Jewish songs and dances, as well as weaving into the program a strong and positive identification with Israel.

For more information or to register, please contact ELC Director,  Irene St. Savard, at (780) 483-0170.

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