TT Society Board

In 1912, a cross-section of Edmonton’s tiny Jewish community–many of them recent immigrants to Canada–came together to form the Talmud Torah Society. These men and women recognized that despite the unlimited opportunity this isolated northern Canadian outpost offered them, there would always be a void in the fabric of their community until they could create an institution to fulfill one of the most important of Judaism’s traditions: the education of their children. In spite of significant financial burdens and organizational challenges, these visionaries rallied the community and subsequently opened the Talmud Torah School–the first Jewish day school in all of Canada.

And this Society, as the school, was in it for the long term. Although teachers, students and families would come and go, the Society was to fulfill its religious mandate in perpetuity. For a Jew is not only obligated to teach their son/daughter, but also to teach their grandson/granddaughter, as well as to teach all students, even those who are not related.

Unlike the parent councils of almost every other school in the EPSB system, which are made up of parents only (with the parents’ involvement with the council and school ending once their child has graduated), for Jews the delivery of a Jewish education is a community-wide obligation that never ends. The Talmud Torah Society is made up of the entire Edmonton Jewish Community, irrespective of whether they have children in the school.

In fulfilling our obligations, the Talmud Torah Society also realizes that we are doing our part to ensure Jewish continuity: that in learning Jewish law, Jewish customs, Jewish prayer, Jewish history, and Jewish thought, our children will appreciate and cherish the distinct message that their Judaism brings to the world.

2017-19 Executive Board Members

  • Matt Singer, President
  • Angela Topping, VP 1
  • Adam Merrick, VP 2
  • Treasurer, Paul Silverman
  • Secretary, Shea Pertman

2017-19 Talmud Torah Society Board

  • Laurence Abbott
  • Zoya Kingston
  • Adam Merrick
  • Ami Pederson-Resnick
  • Shea Pertman
  • Michael Sadovnick
  • Paul Silverman
  • Matt Singer
  • Angela Topping