Core Values

Development of Critical Thinking Skills

In our integrated curriculum of both general/secular and Judaic studies, we challenge our students to reason, to question and to analyze, as well as provide opportunities for independent thinking and creative expression.

Active Learning

Our curriculum will foster intellectual, religious and moral growth through active educational experiences that results in a life-long love of learning. Our program provides children with developmentally appropriate opportunities for both experiential learning and direct instruction. We will capitalize on both our Edmonton location and access to cutting edge technology to provide unique possibilities for learning outside the standard classroom. We will utilize the resources of all streams of the Edmonton Jewish Community to bring Jewish living and Jewish experience directly to the classroom.

Excellence in General/Secular Studies

We recognize that for children to develop as learners and thinkers, they must acquire a broad base both of skills and of core knowledge. Our general/secular studies program includes challenging modules of written and spoken language arts, science, math, social studies, physical education, and the arts.

Excellence in Judaic Studies

Our Judaic Studies program includes written and spoken Hebrew; biblical and modern Israeli and Jewish history; the geography and history of Israel and its neighbors; and age-appropriate instruction on religion, holidays and Jewish culture. We believe in the educational and spiritual value of our children studying texts in the original Hebrew language, with discussion in both Hebrew and English. We will encourage students to explore how classic Jewish sources relate to daily modern life, and we are committed to ensuring that all studies – whether general or Judaic – fit together into a comprehensible whole.

Excellence in Teaching

We recognize the profound impact of teachers on the lives of children, and therefore our staff is made up of professionals who are talented, devoted, and excited about their work.  We continually search for those special individuals who possess both strong formal credentials and the ability to inspire each child, drawing out the very best that each can do.

Jewish Living

The school will demonstrate a commitment to Jewish living. Kashrut and Jewish holidays are observed, as well as the wearing of kipot by male students. We teach from a multi-denominational perspective – meaning that there are many ways to observe and emphasize respect for practices which may differ from those observed at school, emphasizing tolerance and respect for different expressions of faith.  Most importantly, the school will foster within our students identification with the land and people of Israel, plus a distinct social consciousness and sense of responsibility for:

  • kavod (respect and honor)
  • tzedakah (righteous justice)
  • shalom (peace/completeness)
  • tikkun olam (repairing the world)
  • gemilut hassadim (acts of lovingkindness/good deeds)
  • klal Yisrael (our interconnectedness with the entire Jewish nation)

Respect and Involvement of our Community

All members of our school community are expected to treat each other with consideration and respect. We emphasize the positive value of the diverse backgrounds and points of view of our students, parents, teachers, board members and the community at large…and will continually strive to work together in an environment of optimism, passion, enthusiasm and teamwork.